*2019 updates!*

So you’re FODMAP free and freaking out about what to eat if you don’t want to cook. Lucky for you I am lazy and don’t like to cook every night of the goddamn week.

I will be listing mainly Brisbane based cafes and restaurants, however will also list national chains and any other places I may stumble upon below.

The main things we are staying away from I have gotten from The Monash University FODMAP app. It does cost a bit to get, but its the bees knees in figuring out FODMAPs. I am following the diet ridiculously strictly, so know these are tried and tested by yours truely.

TAKEAWAY – Brisbane

  • Lefkas Tavernathis West End staple has some key meals you can sink your teeth into. Mainly the souvla and souvlaki meats (be sure to ask for no onion and no sauce), Greek Baked Chicken, lemon potatoes, lamb shank, steamed rice, horta spinach dish and if you ask they may be able to do the Greek salad with no onion or feta. Look at all those choices!
  • Wagaya – locations in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, you sit in little booths and order via touch screen. There is an entire gluten free menu which us great. Key items include all sashimi, salted yakitori, edemame and wagyu beef steak.
  • Have a go at pubs, steak and potato should be a good option.

Quick meals

TAKEAWAY – nationwide chains

  • McDonald’s – it turns out Macca’s has some options. They suck, but they will do.
    • Fries – FODMAP Free, gluten free as they are cooked in their own frier, dairy free, health free, straight up potato, oil and salt. Yum.
    • Garden Salad (with no dressing) – booooo.
    • A note on the sauces – Pretty much everything is not your FODMAP pal as they all have either onion, soy or wheat in them. Goddamn. However, the plain mayonnaise is AOK! Hooray! Thanks Ronald.
  • Domino’s Pizza – Jesus tapdancing Christ, there is a god. No seriously, you can eat here.
    • Gluten Free base – I am using the September 2016 update, but from what I can see, there is nothing for icky FODMAPs listed in here.
    • Sauce – they dont list actual ingredients, however the kind folk at my local store checked, the tomato and BBQ sauces are not safe as they have dried onion and garlic. The creme fraiche also is a no go as it is cream based which is not ok. Go sauce free or risk it with creme fraiche, live on the edge.
    • Pizzas – any of these on a gf base with no sauce are fine: Chicken and Bacon, Ham and Cheese, Hawaiian, Margherita, Peri Peri Chicken, Pulled Beef and Bacon, Spicy Veg Trio, Vegorama.
    • Notes – anything ‘garlic’ is gone, the pepperoni and little sausage are likely not going to be good, the little beef bits are debatable. Stick to the ham, bacon and chicken.
  • Pizza Capers
    • Vegan cheese, gluten free base, go get em! Just get plain meats, steer clear of avo and be smart. Woop!
  • Grill’d – Burgers for your nerve.
    • Gluten Free Bun (NOT the low carb bun) is FODMAP and nut free.
    • Sauces – I honestly dont know, their website is secretive and annoying, maybe dont have sauce. DO NOT get the relish!
    • Meat patty – see above re secrets.
    • Chicken breast – should be okay!
    • Salads – ask for no onion and steer clear of avo.
  • Sushi – this is a tad confusing, but if you stick to plain, you will be fine.
  • Sumo Salad – you can make your own salads, so pretty much you’re all good.
    • Salad items – check your Monash FODMAP app for what veggies etc you can have.
    • Sauces – Olive Oil, ask about the others, this is hard.
  • Subway – not bhad!
    • Salad items – check your Monash FODMAP app for what veggies etc you can have.
    • Not sure about sauces, sorry!
  • Zambrero – see ‘subway’.
  • GELATO! – Lemon or Strawberry gelato is your new best mate. It’s FODMAP free, fructose safe, and is dairy and gluten free too. Mmost good icecream stores around town have you sorted.


Some foods you just can’t have. Sorry.

  • Mexican – Gunman, Salsas, Burrito Bar, Mad Max, none of them are your amigo. If it doesn’t have soybeans, it has onion, or something else sneaky. It’s just a no go.
  • KFC and Red Rooster – you could have the corn? Maybe peas. It’s depressing. I’m sorry.
  • Most Chinese restaurants.

Other resources

Some good links about key FODMAP issues: